About me

Hi! I am a writer from Leeds, UK. My short fiction has appeared in various journals and anthologies including New Willesden Short Stories 7, Queen Mobs, Litro magazine, and Untitled Books. My second novel, Guest, will be published in July 2017 by Dead Ink Books. In my spare time I like to read books, bother cats, and re-watch Battlestar Galactica.

As an editor, I was responsible for the Saboteur Award-winning anthology Remembering Oluwale. The book is available from Valley Press.

My work as an arts organiser involves the non-profit literary social Fictions of Every Kind, now in its 7th year, The Northern Short Story Festival, now in its 2nd year, and the Walter Swan Short Story Prize (upcoming.)

I also teach writing. I am currently teaching a 6-month short story writing course for Comma Press. I was writer in residence for First Story in Leeds East White Rose Academies Trust during academic year 16-17.

You can contact me on Twitter (@bradleybooks) or find me on Facebook. You can also find me on LinkedIn, if you like that sort of thing, or use the contact form on my homepage. 

Here's a post with links to some interviews I did in August/ September 2014, soon after my book came out.


Q. Will you come and speak to my book club?

A. Yes! I love appearing at book clubs. If you have read my novel, and would like me to come to your book club to answer questions, or to talk about how I wrote the book, I will be extremely glad to. I will happily come to any book club in Leeds free of charge. For book clubs further afield, please contact me using the form on my homepage, to ask. 

Q. Will you come and read at my spoken word night / event / conference?

A. Probably! It is easier for me to appear at events that take place on an evening, especially if they take place in Bradford or Leeds, but I am willing to travel further afield (especially if you can promise to pay my expenses for appearing!) I can't always accept unpaid appearances that take place during a normal working day, as that usually means turning down paid work. Whatever you want to offer, I'd love to hear about it - please get in touch using the contact form on my homepage.

Q. Will you come and teach a workshop at my festival / writing class?

A. Yes! In the past, I've taught at The Big Bookend festival, at free schools, and I have lots of experience working with teenagers and young adults. I also have a current online DBS check.

For me, what's most fun about teaching workshops is helping people of any age to discover and explore their own creativity. I can teach workshops about writing short stories, generating ideas, or developing and planning a novel.

Please note, I can't usually accept unpaid work that takes place during the normal working day, as that usually means turning down paid work. But my workshop rates are reasonable and competitive - please get in touch using the form on my homepage.

Q. Do you offer a critique / mentoring service?

A. Yes! I am experienced in critique and mentoring, from running Fictions of Every Kind for the past 6 years, and previously as a volunteer mentor in the WoMentoring project. I can offer critiques on short stories, entire novels, or opening chapters and synopses. My speciality is literary fiction, slipstream & speculative fiction, modern urban fiction, and science fiction. I cannot offer critique for poetry, flash fiction, or children's books. Please get in contact using the form on my homepage for my rates.