I did a lot of interviews around the time my novel was published - thanks to all who have asked. If you want to read them, here they are.

Literature Works SW chose Brick Mother to be their book of the month in September 2014, and I did a short interview with them apropos of that. Here it is:

"What struck me about the novel was how you captured the mundane everyday lives of the hospital staff alongside developing a dark central storyline. Why was it important for you to capture these small details?" (You can read the whole thing over at the Literature North West site)

Jessica Patient over at Writer's Little Helper invited me to open an imaginary bookshop: "Then there's a sort of magic as you walk through the shop, because there are a load of secret staircases and passages. Though the bookshop feels quite compact, it actually covers a lot of ground – and the back door goes out into an industrial estate under a motorway flyover.... It's a wonder for anybody who doesn't know what they're looking for, and a nightmare for anybody who loves order and alphabetisation." (You can read the whole interview over on Writer's Little Helper.)

Richard Smyth & I were also interviewed by the Yorkshire Post: "[Bradley's] style is refreshingly direct and pared-down, while her empathy for the characters comes across strongly" (You can read the whole feature on the Yorkshire Post website.)

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