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As a general rule, I think mailing lists are the work of the devil. I say this as somebody who regularly gets added to mysterious email lists without her permission.

HOWEVER. Following a recent request to join my mailing list (I don't have a mailing list!) I decided it was probably about time I started one of my own. 

Here are my mailing list promises to you:

1. I won't pass on your email address to anyone else EVER.
2. I won't email you every single day (too busy). You'll probably get emails three to four times a year at the MOST. 
3. My mailout will contain exciting information like: where my stories have been published lately, where I'll be giving live readings, when my book comes out, etc. 

In addition!

4. To make the mailout more exciting and creative, subscribers to the mailing list will receive one completely exclusive story a year via email. The story will be something new, unpublished elsewhere, and will be available only to mailout subscribers. This is my way of thanking you for taking an interest in my work. 

You can sign up below: 

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