Praise for Brick Mother

"Urban, northern and authentic" according to Structo Magazine

"The pace is also helped along by Bradley’s prose style, which is perhaps deliberately un-showy but still leaves room for moments of austere beauty." according to Quadrapheme magazine

"At first glance this is pure kitchen sink. The tone is made out of damp, wet clothes, missed appointments, unhappy relationships, lack of money. But this miasma of mediocrity gradually resolves itself, through Bradley’s intricate and unseeable skills, into something absolutely horrifying.... Brick Mother may be one of the best novels written about work." says Max Dunbar at 3am Magazine

"Thought-provoking social-realism... [that] will stay with you many weeks after finishing the last chapter. Bradley has written a seriously good novel" Jessica Patient at Writer's Little Helper

You can buy it direct from Dead Ink Books here, or from Amazon (You should also be able to order it into your nearest bookstore.) 

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