Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"That's not my sweater!" "IT'S BROWN!!"

Over the last few weeks, brain and body having largely been occupied in trying to fit 28 hours' worth of 'stuff' into 24 hours' worth of day, there hasn't been much time for left over for reading or writing. If only I could waste less time sleeping, perhaps I could get a bit more done.

Since watching television is one of the things you can do whilst doing other things e.g. knitting, sorting and setting type, taunting the cat, I have recently been re-watching Seinfeld. For me, watching really well-written television is a good substitute for being able to actually read. Also, I am fed up of freeview, because it's only ever repeats of Come Dine With Me and I have now seen them all. All of them.

No post on Seinfeld could possibly be complete without tribute to the very marvellous Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Elaine. This clip, in the episode The Busboy, had me laughing so hard my insides nearly fell out. I hope you enjoy it too.

I can't embed it because of stupid youtube, so follow the link here to watch it.

Currently re-watching

30 Rock seasons 1 & 2 while I wait for season 4 to arrive in the mail
Seinfeld seasons 1-9
Mad Men season 1
House season 1
Arrested Development season 2

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